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We buy unsold inventory, prevent it from going into landfill, and distribute it - outside your existing marketplaces - to those in need. We add financial and reputational value to your dead stock.


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As anyone in the business knows, the existing ways of dealing with unsold inventory can’t keep up with the new reality of fast fashion. The volumes are too high for jobbers and the glut of short fibre makes recovery unsustainable.

We’ve been in the rag trade for a long time, and like all of us, we’ve been dismayed at the increase in perfectly good clothing being burned or going into landfill (300,000 tonnes last year in the UK alone). We knew there had to be a better way so we’ve spent the past couple of years working out how to make it happen. Two guys in rags is the answer.

We aren’t a giant corporation, we are two guys who’ve focused all our efforts on working out a solution to a universal problem. One that benefits everyone. We’ve built a network of partners who can take any quantity of dead stock (from your stores or your DCs) and dispose of it effectively and ethically




It really is this simple (and complex).

The Virtuous Circle




After leaving the UK in 1998 David spent his time operating in various business’s in countries such as Spain, Australia, Greece, USA, & Thailand. His most recent project was building and selling an online property company in Dubai where he spent the last 8 years before returning to the UK in June 2016.



Over the last 4 years, Adam has worked alongside a textile recycling merchant processing in excess of 10,000 garments a week, he has worked with a number of large brands and retailers to offer various solutions for end of line, customer returns or QC rejected stock, this has enabled Adam to have great experience & an expert knowledge of the field.

Simon Rider

Non-Executive Director

Simon has over 35 years experience living and working internationally in the fashion and sports retail sectors and in sports brand management. He has held senior management positions with H&M,  FootLocker, Speedo, Adidas, Phase Eight and JD Sports, He led the start up which secured the In-Venue retail rights to the London 2012 Olympics and has run successful transformation projects in Russia, France, Italy and Germany. Simon was, until recently, international managing director for JD sports.

One garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second



Conscious Capitalism
We’re here to make money, and we make no bones about it. But we believe that if we’re smart enough we ought to be able to do it in a way that everyone benefits.

Our business model allows us to pay you top price for your dead stock and still get it to the people most in need. Everyone wins - and who wouldn’t want that?

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