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Two Guys In Rags aren’t a giant corporation, we are two guys who’ve focused all our efforts on working out a solution to a universal problem: conscious stock exit. We've worked hard to ensure that this is a solution that benefits everyone and in doing so have built a network of partners who can take any quantity of dead stock (from your stores or your DCs) and dispose of it effectively and ethically. There is an increasing amount of high-quality clothing goes into landfill every single year - 300,000 tonnes last year in the UK alone. This is something that we are passionate about helping to improve. We believe that there is no need for this clothing to go anywhere other than into a new home. 

We make it really easy for you; we collect any unsold inventory, sort through it and then distribute it to one of our many partners in markets that you do not operate within, ensuring that we add financial and reputational value to your stock. 

So, who makes this happen? We have a small but dedicated team that is passionate about ensuring that our business serves all stakeholders, including the environment. 

David Price - Co-Founder
After leaving the UK in 1998 David spent his time operating in various businesses in countries such as Spain, Australia, Greece, USA, & Thailand. His most recent project was building and selling an online property company in Dubai where he spent the last 8 years before returning to the UK in June 2016. 

Adam Mason - Co-Founder
Over the last 4 years, Adam has worked alongside a textile recycling merchant processing in excess of 10,000 garments a week, he has worked with a number of large brands and retailers to offer various solutions for end of line, customer returns or QC rejected stock, this has enabled Adam to have great experience & an expert knowledge of the field.

Olivia Shaw - Administration and Marketing Executive
New to the team, with a background in Fashion Communication and Sustainability, Olivia is passionate about ensuring textile waste is reduced through conscious stock exit. Olivia is experienced in implementing and managing campaigns to ensure maximum impact and outreach.

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